Don Lowry is the creator of True Colors™ which has engaged over 10 million people over the last 34 years. It has been translated into sixteen languages. It’s a fun, entertaining and accurate Temperament assessment for all age populations. He, along with his wife Erica, produce programs, products and services across the whole spectrum of markets.   Don is also the creator of True Entertainment™, which is an interactive Type indicator that engages all age audiences in entertainment experiences that cause positive behavioral change.  These shows are integrated into workshops, keynotes, and systemic initiatives in all types of organizations. Don is a producer, script-writer and actor, and the first to create television productions using Type Theory.  He created one of the first Temperament certifications; there are now 4,000+ True Colors™ practitioners currently practicing in K-12 and higher education, government and business, as well as non-profits serving youth and adults. I have conceived and produced school-wide change programs that improve school functioning and school culture. In higher education, Don has co-created career development initiatives and student life programs. In business, he have developed curriculum for leadership, management, teaming and has designed health and wellness initiatives for entire organizations.   Don is  the co-creator of programs for families and couples, and in the personal growth area,  and has developed a series of books touching every aspect of one’s personal life.  The list of clients includes several thousand organizations in virtually all markets, including Walt Disney (for 35 years), Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

About Don’s Session, “APTI Does Saturday Night Live!”
His session at last year’s APTI Conference in Miami will demonstrate how to engage small and large audiences of all demographics using live and online entertainment that depicts Type theory. It’s a form of assessment that inspires excitement, communication, and which sends positive behavioral change messages.  This presentation was “crowd-sourced” online, prior to the conference, so that attendees and (and members who can’t attend the conference) could participate in creating the scripts that were performed at the conference.

The “True Colors™” Type Indicator
In 1978 Don became a champion of the benefits of the MBTI and Temperament Theory through meeting David Keirsey. David mentored Don as he developed a new form of assessment, called True Colors™.   It encompassed the creation of entertainment content to engage large audiences in the benefits of MBTI, Jungian Typology, and Keirsey Temperament Theory. Because he wanted to reach the largest possible audience and believed that entertainment would be the most engaging vehicle, Don embarked on creating a show that I planned to bring to television.  To prove its efficacy, he created a stage production in which audience members interacted with my characters. This was done through a unique playbill that contained four descriptive, colored cards, which attendees would “sort” to determine their own Type.  When the show opened, each audience member’s character (Type) appeared, and interacted in comedy sketches with other Types, to show how each of the Types behaves in any given life scenario.  His shows have now been produced for all audience demographics, in all types of settings.  These shows have been integrated into all of his large social change initiatives to reach thousands of people in a shared experience of understanding one’s own Type.  These shows also represent an extremely effective means for marketing the benefits of Type Theory to large populations of people. They are customized to each audience, so that each audience member feels understood within his or her context.  It makes every audience member an enthusiastic participant, for a workshop or program designed around Type Theory.  MBTI and Temperament practitioners using characterizations of the Types make their education programs more powerful, by making Type come alive in a very concrete way.

For more information, please contact us at: info@donlowry.com



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